Guardian Fire Shield™



The Guardian Fire Shield™ [GFS]
Automatic Fire Suppressant

What is Auto Fire Suppression?
No skill required to put out a fire!

The Guardian Fire Shield™ in Action

Houses Burn Faster Today - Find out Why

A living Room Fire - Burn Demonstration

Watch a side-by-side comparison of a living room fire, with and without the Guardian Fire Shield™ protection.

The Dangers of Kitchen Fires

Top Tips on Fire Prevention in Your Home

Fire Safety Week

Kitchen Grease Fires and the Dangers of Flash Over

Why I invented the Guardian Fire Shield™

Mike McManus gives us some insight into why he co-invented the Guardian Fire Shield™

Guardian Fire Shield™ Installation Guide

Fire Surpression Safety Device - Sample Installation

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More Fire Related Videos

Kitchen Fire 411

Christmas Tree Fire Destroys a Living Room in Under a Minute

Kitchen Fire (PSA)

Living Room Fire

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